Belhus CC Bowlers of the 1960s

Bowlers of the 1960s

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It is said that 'bowlers win matches' and the Belhus CC performance records of the 1960s confirm that our bowlers were responsible for winning more matches than our batsmen.  From the prodigious swing of Don Pegler to the controlled speed of Bert Freeman to the accuracy of Bob Prickett, the Belhus bowlers of this decade completely overshadowed the batsmen who could muster but a mere three centuries between them (Stan Matthews, Denis Reed, Vic Davies).

Patrick Pooler-Williams won a number of matches with his accurate seamers, and the club's policy of encouraging younger players started to pay dividends with the emergence of teenagers Vic Davies, John Rowell and off-spinner Terry Rampling.  For the 1st XI, Don Pegler took 955 wickets during the decade.  For the 2nd XI, Dave Francis enjoyed  a successful 1966 season in taking 63 wickets, and Bob Mead took 65 wickets in 1967 and 51 wickets in 1969.

Was this superiority of bowler over batsman due to the 'lively' wickets that were encountered almost every weekend - or was it because the batsmen of the time didn't enjoy the benefit of protective helmets?  Or perhaps the batsmen of the day simply weren't as competent as the bowlers?

Details of the more impressive bowling performances of the decade showing a minimum performance bag of 6 wickets are set out below.  This is not to denigrate the many other 'occasional' bowlers who played their part in winning a match by breaking a nagging partnership or snaring an important scalp at a vital moment. 

First hat trick by Greg Arendse
Greg Arendse took the club's first hat trick - 2 wickets against Stanton CC on 26th June 1960 and then 1 wicket with his first ball in his next match against Elmford CC on 9th July.  Only two other hat tricks were taken throughout the 1960s - one by Graham Cunliffe in 1962 and the other by Keith Davis in 1969.  Both Graham and Keith finished on the losing side!

 Graham Cunliffe - hat trick 1962

Albert Braybrook's 10 for 18
When browsing through the stats below, please spare a thought for dear old Albert Braybrook, who, in 1962, for the 2nd XI in the last match of the season, single-handedly skittled out Heathcotians CC in taking 10 for 18.  He too finished on the losing side!  Albert remains the only Belhus bowler to have taken all 10 wickets in an innings. In Albert's brief career with the club (1960-1962), he took 88 wickets in 34 matches at an average of 10.22. 

Don Pegler
The club had some very fine bowlers during the swinging sixties, but pride of place rests with Welshman Don Pegler.  A swing bowler who always placed two or three fielders at short leg, he held the club record of 134 wickets in a season (in 1966) until it was surpassed in 1976 by Bob Garner who took an impressive 142 wickets

Don's seasonal wickets tally during the 1960s reads:
1960 - 111 1961 - 115 1962 - 106 1963 - 93 1964 - 63 1965 - 106 - 1966 - 134 1967 - 86 1968 - 47 1969 - 102

Don Pegler

   Bert Freeman 9 for 23 
Club Record best bowling for the 1st XI


Those who took 6 or more wickets in an innings during the 1960s were:


                8 for 15     Chris Weaving 2nd XI v Fondu CC 15th May
                8 for 18     Don Pegler 1st XI v Stork CC 11th June
                8 for 19     George Dow 1st XI v Stork CC 30th July
                8 for 32     Bob Prickett 1st XI v Chadwell-St-Mary CC 22nd May
                8 for 39     Bob Prickett 1st XI v Thames Board Mills CC 21st June
                7 for 6       Don Pegler 1st XI v Tilbury CC 10th July
                7 for 13     Bob Brooks 2nd XI v Bardswell CC 31st July
                7 for 13     Bob Prickett 1st XI v Romford Casuals CC 29th May
                7 for 18     Bob Prickett 1st XI v Tilbury Docks CC 15th May
                7 for 19     Vic Rampling 1st XI v Frasonians CC 14th May
                7 for 32     Don Pegler 1st XI v North Stifford CC 2nd July
                7 for 41     Don Pegler 1st XI v Tunnel CC 19th June
                6 for 16     Patrick Pooler-Williams 1st XI v Great Burstead CC 26th August
                6 for 17     Bob Prickett 1st XI v Fords CC 17th July
                6 for 18     Don Pegler 1st XI v Chadwell-St-Mary CC 1st August
                6 for 23     Vic Rampling 1st XI v Garys Parish Church CC 28th May
                6 for 26     Dick Bignell 2nd XI v Cranham CC 17th September
                6 for 49     Bob Prickett 1st XI v Beltonia CC 8th June

                10 for 18   Albert Braybrook 2nd XI v Heathcotians CC 24th September
                8 for 26     Vic Rampling 1st XI v Romford Brewery CC 1st July
                7 for 9       Bob Prickett 1st XI v Upminster CC 23rd July
                7 for 22     Bob Prickett 1st XI v Drums CC 20th August
                7 for 22     D Coates 1st XI v Great Nelmes CC 3rd September
                7 for 40     Patrick Pooler-Williams 1st XI v Hillside CC 7th May
                6 for 10     Don Pegler 1st XI v Walworth CC 18th June
                6 for 12     Don Pegler 1st XI v Tilbury Docks CC 13th May
                6 for 13     Graham Cunliffe 2nd XI v Bardswell CC 9th September
                6 for 20     Patrick Pooler-Williams 1st XI v Cranham CC 23rd September
                6 for 23     Don Pegler 1st XI v LTE (Grays) CC 13th August
                6 for 35     Peter Renshaw 1st XI v Ilford & Barking Hospital CC 9th July 
                6 for 36     Don Pegler 1st XI v Little Thurrock CC 8th July
                6 for 37     Peter Renshaw 1st XI v South Essex Waterworks CC 24th June
                6 for 39     Graham Cunliffe 2nd XI v Fords CC 11th June
                6 for 49     Don Pegler 1st XI v Aveley CC 2nd July

7 for 14     Patrick Pooler-Williams 1st XI v Ilford & Barking Hospital CC 10th June
                7 for 31     Don Pegler 1st XI v Cranham CC 15th September
                7 for 43     Graham Cunliffe 2nd XI v Cranham CC v 3rd June
                7 for 45     Graham Cunliffe 2nd XI v Micanite CC 11th June
                6 for 11     Graham Cunliffe 2nd XI v Bardswell CC 19th May
                6 for 18     Don Pegler 1st XI v Rainham CC 2nd June
                6 for 18     Graham Cunliffe 1st XI v Dagenham Wanderers CC 9th September
                6 for 37     Don Pegler 1st XI v Fairfield CC 30th June
                6 for 30     Don Pegler 1st XI v Ilford & Barking Hospital CC 20th May
                6 for 30     Patrick Pooler-Williams 1st XI v Great Burstead CC 5th August 

                8 for 23     Don Pegler 1st XI v Old Westhamains CC 25th August
                8 for 37     Don Pegler 1st XI v Robbialac CC 3rd June
                6 for 37     Patrick Pooler-Williams 1st XI v Great Nelmes CC 18th August
                6 for 41     George Dow 1st XI v North Ockendon CC 9th June
                6 for 53     Don Pegler 1st XI v West Tilbury CC 21st June

                8 for 34     Don Pegler 1st XI v Fairfield CC 9th May
                7 for 62     Don Pegler 1st XI v Great Nelmes CC 30th August
                6 for 24     Danny Pearce 1st XI v Cranham CC 22nd August
                6 for 25     Patrick Pooler-Williams 1st XI v Walworth CC 13th June

                8 for 19     Don Pegler 1st XI v Romford Avenues CC 22nd August
                8 for 20     Ron Sage 2nd XI v Grays Post Office CC 11th July
                7 for 15     Keith Davis 1st XI v Horndon-on-the-Hill CC 3rd July
                7 for 30     Don Pegler 1st XI v Cranham CC 19th June
                7 for 36     Don Pegler 1st XI v Ashley CC 7th June
                7 for 40     Don Pegler 1st XI v Ashton CC 31st July
                7 for 45     Dave Francis 2nd XI v North Ockendon CC 14th August
                6 for 15     Charlie Veal 2nd XI v Noak Hill CC 9th May
                6 for 17     Don Pegler 1st XI v Great Nelmes CC 24th July
                6 for 18     Don Pegler 1st XI v Cambridge & Hackney CC 8th August

                8 for 41     Don Pegler 1st XI v Pauters CC 21st May
                7 for 12     Don Pegler 1st XI v Horndon-on-the-Hill CC 4th June
                7 for 22     Don Pegler 1st XI v Great Nelmes CC 22nd May
                7 for 27     Don Pegler 1st XI v Tennyson CC 31st July
                7 for 34     Keith Davis 2nd XI v Stanton CC 29th August
                7 for 49     Don Pegler 1st XI v South Ilford CC 14th May
                6 for 15     Vic Davies 2nd XI v Horndon-on-the-Hill CC 1st May
                6 for 20     Don Pegler 1st XI v Gasgoine Old Boys CC 11th June          
                6 for 29     Andrew Walker 2nd XI v Corringham Social Club CC 3rd July
                6 for 73     Vic Davies Tour XI v Royal Ulster Constabularly CC 29th July
                6 for 29     Vic Davies 1st XI v Becontree CC 7th August

                6 for   7     Chris Francis 2nd XI v Elmshawe CC 15th July
                6 for 14     Bob Mead 2nd XI v Hilger CC 17th June
                6 for 19     John Rowell 1st XI v Forest Lane Sports CC 27th August
                6 for 21     Chris Francis 2nd XI v Stratford Wesleyan CC 19th August
                6 for 24     John Rowell 1st XI v Gragas CC 8th July
                6 for 29     Don Pegler 1st XI v Great Nelmes CC 9th July
                6 for 36     Dave Francis 2nd XI v Silco CC 9th July     

                8 for 19     Bert Freeman 1st XI v St Saviours CC 28th July
                7 for 61     Bert Freeman 1st XI v Gasgoine Old Boys CC 13th July
                6 for 9       Steve Solari 2nd XI v Tilbury CC 2nd September
                6 for 26     Bob Mead 2nd XI v Gragas CC 4th August
                6 for 32     Don Pegler 1st XI v Greenspire CC 15th June

                9 for 23     Bert Freeman 1st XI v Marshalls CC 25th May
                7 for 15     Terry Rampling 1st XI v Stanford-le-Hope CC 10th May
                7 for 16     Don Pegler 1st XI v Simba CC 13th July
                6 for 15     Don Pegler 1st XI v Cranham CC 28th June
                6 for 22     Don Pegler 1st XI v Gasgoine Old Boys CC 12th July

               * Full scorecards for all matches of the 1960s can be viewed in FIXTURES/RESULTS on the top bar menu of our website.

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