Belhus CC Oldest and Youngest

Oldest & Youngest

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 Since the eighteenth century, the game of cricket has been played by young and old alike.  Over the years, fathers, sons and grandsons**, from age 6 to 70, have donned their whites for Belhus CC and, in the process, the club has witnessed some remarkable playing performances.  Records* will always be broken, of course, but some records can last for many years.  The list of records below acknowledges those players
who have displayed their skills either early or late in their careers, and we salute their impressive achievements.

Youngest Bowler to take 100 wickets in a season
John Forrest
17 years 79 days

Youngest Bowler to take 50 wickets in a season
Owen Jefferies

14 years 107 days

Owen Jefferies

Youngest Bowler to take a '5for'
Mark Fogg

13 years 164 days
5th XI v Stanford-le-Hope CC 30th June 2012

Oldest Bowler to take a '5for'
Cliff Cansdale

  62 years 158 days
  2nd XI v Hutton CC 24th August 2019

Oldest Bowler to take 100 Wickets in a Season
Bob Garner

44 years 96 days

Youngest Bowler to take a Hat Trick
George Maidment

13 years 364 days
5th XI v Hainault & Clayhall CC 10th August 2013

Oldest Bowler to take 50 Wickets in a Season
Cliff Cansdale

54 years 199 days

Youngest Batsman to score 2,000 runs in a Season
Joe Joyce

17 years 114 days

Youngest Batsman to score 1,000 runs in a Season
  Zak Wilson

16 years 80 days

Youngest Batsman to score a Century
Josh Clarke

14 years 250 days
Development XI v Horton Kirby CC 2nd July 2017

Josh Clarke

Youngest Batsman to score a Fifty
  Robert Healy

13 years 9 days
  3rd XI v Horndon-on-the-Hill CC 4th May 2019

Oldest Batsman to score a Century
John Lewis Jnr

55 years 63 days
  2nd XI v Horndon-on-the-Hill CC 4th August 2018

Oldest Batsman to score a fifty
Don East

65 years 186 days
5th XI v Wickford CC 4th June 2016

Oldest Batsman to score 1,000 Runs in a Season
Wayne Read

49 years 22 days

Wayne Read

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Oldest & Youngest

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  * Please note:these records do not relate to performances in youth matches.
** In 2014, three generations of players appeared in a Belhus CC match - Cliff, John and Zak Wilson played together for the 5th XI against Harold Wood CC on 5th August 2014.

N.B. In some cases, it was not always possible to establish the precise date when an 'in a season' record was achieved.  We have therefore adopted the 30th September as the standard date for calculation of such feats.