Belhus CC Record Wicket Partnerships

Record Wicket Partnerships

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We all remember those terrific matches when two of our players combined together to post a partnership that either won or saved a match.  There have been many over the years, and listed below are the club's impressive Record Wicket Partnerships.  Some have been in place for quite a while - hopefully it will not be too long before they are surpassed!

326* Tom Thompson and Michael Cansdale
                     3rd XI v Old Southendian and Southchurch CC 13th July 2019

234 Charlie Lewis and Paul Bennett

                1st XI v Havering-atte-Bower CC 19th May 2013
238  Paul Wiltshire and Richard Waters

               2nd XI v Little Thurrock CC 8th July 1989
260 Danny Joyce and Max Osborne

                 1st XI v Upminster CC 7th July 2018

171 Mathew Lewis Snr and Dan Norris

              2nd XI v Leigh-on-Sea CC 7th July 2012
173 Nick Marns and Steve Huckstepp

         Tour XI v Norwich CC 3rd July 2006

145* Steve Huckstepp and John Forrest

           1st XI v Pegasus CC 26th June 1988


151 Gavin Jefferies and Paul Whitlock

           2nd XI v Mountnessing CC 3rd June 2007
162* Francis Baptiste and Richard Dopson

                     2nd XI v Havering-atte-Bower CC 4th September 1999
155* Roy Heffernan and Sam Hall

                         1st XI v Myddleton House CC 30th June 2013
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Michael Cansdale (left) and Tom Thompson
- club record 1st wicket partnership of 326*

Sam Hall (left) and Roy Heffernan
- club record 10th wicket partnership of 155*

Record Wicket Partnerships

* = unbroken partnership 

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