Captains Belhus CC


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A good many members have skippered various Belhus CC teams over the years.  Some have possessed leadership qualities, some haven't.  Some have been successful, others not so.  Some captains were fortunate enough to have top quality players at their disposal, while other skippers found themselves with a team of not-so-goods.  And some captains were persuaded to take the reins simply because no-one else would! 

We all have our views about who were and who weren't tactically astute captains of Belhus CC, but they all had their individual strengths and undertook the job in good faith with the club's best interests at heart.  The difficulties of captaincy are rarely appreciated and we are extremely grateful to our captains for their valuable contributions.

For a full historical list of the Captains of Belhus Cricket Club, please double-click on the Captains.doc link below.


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