Belhus Cricket Club News story


31 Oct 2019


It is the time of year when clubs collate members' playing records for the season and present their 'Player of the Year' awards.

All well-organised clubs maintain comprehensive records/statistics of team and individual performances - they are an integral part of the game - and Belhus CC is proud of its history and the many outstanding achievements by its members over the years.  Where would the game of cricket be without 'Wisden'?

Records/stats libraries rekindle fond memories for us all and provide historical data for future generations.  They instil club identity and members' sense of belonging.  For a brief overview of memorable events at Belhus CC in 2019, please visit the Annual Review 2019 page on the left-hand side menu of our website.  And for those who are new visitors to our site, full Batting, Bowling and Fielding Records can also be found in the menu.

As a club, we value the exceptional performances that our young and senior players have displayed over the years, and we delight in acknowledging and sharing their successes with fellow members - be they current, new or past - as well as our supportive followers.  Was it the  statistics guru, the late Bill Frindall, who said that, "a cricket club isn't a cricket club without published playing records"?